Life of Chemistry Students

A chem student is like a “Compound” having charateristic properties like “Attraction” For books “RadiationLess” Emotions and “Spectra” of Love.They enjoy working in the chemical environment and Love to play with different Apparatus.

They are always busy thinking about studies even in their dreams. They have “free radical” brain:Very Reactive Yet very Clear and stable.

Friends are like “isotopes” each having their own Properties & Specific peaks.They Love to be in Resonance of each other and stay together with strong “Chemical bonds“.

Teachers are like “” who provide necessary “Activation Energy” to excel in life.They controls the Kinetics of the class & Channelise the whole energy in forward direction.

Exams are like “Indicators” of Knowledge. But as soon as We enter the “Examination Hall” “Complexation” of things takes place in Brain and we have to Perform successive “Solvent Extractions” and “Recrystallizations” Before writing the Answers.But sometimes overlaping takes place with “hybridization” or things may “Evaporate“.But Still we reach to “end point” successfully and come out with good “Yields“.

Success as well as failure are part of life and We know that “kinetically” favorable products have faster rate But “Thermodynamic” product is stable Once “Equilibrium” is achieved.
Hence we have to work hard with “Proper Orientation” and “Frequency” range.Our Approach must be toward the “Stability” and Never Run for shortcuts in Life.

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