is defined as “inherent Ability” to learn new things, build upon new ideas and make it possible to experience whole world inside the mind.

“Imagination” is more important than “knowledge” as its limitless.

Imagination can be “constructive” to develop new information.

“Imaginative” Its a way to create things which really does not exist.

“Strategic Imagination”,Related to “concept” & “vision” of framing ideas to real world.

Imagination as “Memory Reconstruction” ,in order to retrieve order of events.

How imagination is related to dreams

Dreams-subconscious form of imagination, which recreates the real world in whole new fantastic mannar.
Dreams can be movitaional and help in enhancing the inherent creativity.


Day-Dreams is a form of Passive Imagination,associated with some real ideas and mostly related with Wish fulfilment ie Motivated by Some “Desire”.


Advantages of being imaginative

•Imagination Encourages “Intellectual growth” ,Specially in kids.

•Build “Self Assurence” ,ie build sureness in individual’s Potential & abilities.

•bring Inovation and makes us learn from mistakes.

•Stimulates healthy brain development which serves throughout our life.

•imagination adds New dimensions to life, it work like our 7th sense .

•Bring “Adaptability” and Enhance “Interpersonal Skills”.

•And more importantly it helps to overcome from your “Fears” in +ve aspect.

Disadvantages of Imagination

False hopes: being imaginative can hold lots of false hopes for the future.

•Night fears(specially in young kids):Due to “Perceptive Imagination” ,they imagine “Ghosts” or “Gaints” in the dark corners of room when alone at night and seems to percive them actually.

•Lots of “ideas” & “creativity” can bring “Saturation” & may leads to “confusion” and lack of focus.

•Misleading picture of world:Imaginative people tends to see what they want to see ,not the real world in its correct sense.

•Excessive Imagination (specially Day-Dreaming) can develop “Split Personality”.
Sometime individual tends to “identify” themselves with some characters potrayed in Some pictures ,movies ,Novels etc.It provides an imaginative “Escape” from the “Real World”.

Being a Student ,i think imagination is important for learning process ,it brings “Creativity” and “Innovative Ideas” to You.

So Explore the world around you & beyond it.


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