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Today i wanna share my story about how i got AdSense approval within 26 days from the time purchase of my site’s domain (

I’ll explain everything to get adsene approval easily with only few simple Steps to follow,which are quite easy to apply.

Why Adsense?

•One of the oldest ads network and works at Pay Per Click system.

•AdSense pays on time, Everytime.

•Its Paying Rates are better than all of other networks so that’s makes it popular among bloggers.

Adsense Requirements

1.First thing is to get simple user friendly resposive layout

..Don’t worry if you are not expert like me.
Just do one thing ,Simply install WordPress for website on your website..Learn more about it and choose your layout from thousands of high quality themes and customize it.

2. write high quality unique content .

Don’t copy Others as there is No Substitute for Hardwork.

3.Create Your About Page

About page simply describe you and your website.

Its not just important to get AdSense approval ,but its also important to Create a Relationship with your audience and also bring Trust on you.

4. Create Privacy Page.

Privacy Policy gives the sense of Seriousness.

It simply discribe what to do? and what not? to your readers.

This makes it important to get AdSense approval.

If you don’t have idea about Privacy policy page then See my Simple Privacy page.

5. Contact page

As everyone has their own Opinions and its better to give them an opportunity to tell you how they feel about your Site/post, what they liked or hated.

It not only improve quality of your blog but also provides a way for readers to connect you.

By creating this you are telling Google that you care for your customers, visitors and you are ready to help them. They can contact you anytime.

6.Remove Other Ad Networks

•Make your blog free from ads.

it’s Important to remove the ads before applying and don’t put them back until you get a reply from AdSense team which usually takes atleast 2 days.

7.Have Some Good Number Posts

What should be the number of posts before applying to the AdSense ?

This is one of most frequent Question about getting AdSense approval.

•Its is not fixed and depends on content of blog.

In my case, i got AdSense approval for only 12 posts just before this One(you can Check it).

Like me,you can also get AdSense approval and monetize your website.

Give it a try and Pls don’t complicate the things ,just follow these 7 steps and See how things Works for you.

How i got AdSense Approval

its Now time to Party !

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