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    Eventually Wanda and Anna will learn the truth about what happened to the Lebenstern family, and how little Ida survived to grow up and become a nun, in an emotionally shattering climax that sends both women in unpredictable directions. Perhaps because Pawlikowski himself has spent most of his life outside Poland, “Ida” views the tragedies of the past from a certain compassionate distance. He feels no need to deride Anna’s religious faith (which is deeply felt, as far as we can see), or to dwell on the obvious failings of the Communist state, whose roots after all lay in hopefulness. While it would be obscene to speak of compassion for those who perpetrated or abetted genocide, “Ida” shows us clearly that the whole society suffered from that crime, and very likely continues to do so.

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    He does, however, talk about his daughter, who just turned 10.
    He adds: “I don’t think I’ve ever said that publicly.”

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    The new CAPA union effort is backed by the United Steelworkers, which has supported NCPA for over a decade. Huma said CAPA had not formally affiliated with the USW, and that any decision about whether to do so would be made by members after securing legal victory. The union effort was also hailed by the nation’s main union federation: In an emailed statement, AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka said, “Under the system that the NCAA and its member institutions like Northwestern have established, college football and basketball are big business and treat athletes that way.”

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    This episode of the film is also compelling, in a different vein ? the urban political thriller or cop procedural ? but the ironic contrast between Avery and Luke is ladled on pretty thick. Avery stays on the right side of the law (as far as the world knows) and Luke’s a dangerous renegade, but one of them’s trying to provide for his family while the other is thinking only of himself. Actually, to put it more accurately, both are pursuing mythical ideals of American manhood, and both will reap the fruits of their delusions in almost Biblical fashion. Unfortunately, while the middle portion of the film is only slightly weaker than its opening section ? and Cooper’s careful performance as the hooded, calculating Avery simply can’t compete with Gosling’s charisma ? the final section plunges off a cliff, from the territory of Major American Film into that of After-School Special.
    I said I wouldn’t give away too much about the narrative switchbacks in “The Place Beyond the Pines” and I’ll stick to that. Let’s say simply that the second section of the movie is mostly about Avery and his rise to power, while the third section isn’t about Avery or Luke, but follows their kids into the present through the long aftermath of their first, fateful encounter. Avery is a clean cop with a hero’s reputation who gradually turns his department’s extensive culture of corruption, exemplified in an unctuous but charming senior detective played by Ray Liotta (as ever, the king of scumbags), to his advantage. (Free advice to the Schenectady chamber of commerce: Just let it roll off; keep that press release in the Drafts folder. Trust me.)

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    Yes, those are “Back to the Future” stars Christopher Lloyd and Billy Zane. ?And, yes, that is an awesome, working DeLorean. ?Sadly, contrary to the tag line, “The Future Has Arrived,” the rest of this star-studded video featuring “Back to the Future”-like hoverboards is fake.

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    The most important shot of the entirety of the episode happened briefly and without dialogue. Jon looks up, gauging the coming onslaught, and notices standing on the bluffs above four mounted white walkers. Observing. Waiting. Watching. It’s the end of the world and the four horseman have arrived to usher it in.

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    Even some of the most staunchly pro-Israel Democrats are undecided on whether they will attend the speech. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) said Wednesday?that the speech???violates all the protocol that has always existed.” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest isn’t saying if Vice President Joe Biden will attend the address; during speeches before joint sessions, the vice president typically sits behind the lectern, along with the speaker of the House.?A spokesman for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said yesterday?that Pelosi fears “casting a political apple of discord into the relationship is not the best way forward given the formidable challenges our two countries are facing together.” Still, the spokesman said, Pelosi will attend if the speech occurs.

    For the first half of the novel, these two contradictory yet strangely harmonized accounts of the marriage’s decay command most of the attention. It’s a mercilessly observant portrait of contemporary romance, one that might have been written by Jonathan Franzen or Jeffrey Eugenides — except for those dodgy moments in Nick’s narrative where he fails to explain who keeps calling him on that disposable cellphone. Flynn, a former staff writer for Entertainment Weekly, is especially good on the infiltration of the media into every aspect of the missing-person investigation, from Nick’s cop-show-based awareness that the husband is always the primary suspect to a raving tabloid-TV Fury who is out to avenge all wronged women and obviously patterned on Nancy Grace.

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    LINK: It is more or less a mystery to me that anyone has any kind of interest in what I have to say. Most of my career has been a surprise to me.


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    Though photos of Maldonado might indeed appear elsewhere in the Betsy Layne High School yearbook (which came out in June, but which the young man spoke out about this week on Facebook and in Outsports), the omission from his team’s double-page spread stung the senior point guard especially hard.

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    “Hey we??re not a perfect family, we mess up,” she told the crowd during a Q&A-style session on the festival’s Beach stage. “Imagine what life is like with a family with two or three kids and multiply that about 10 times over and that’s what you get.”

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    Haskins hopes she can inspire others while serving as the reigning Elite Queen.

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    The sale of just one print from Testino’s portraits of Di funded a clinic in his native Peru that aids children with Tuberculosis. In 2008, the photographer took a trip with Save The Children to visit the completed clinic.

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