Nothing is Wrong

In this world,
Except the way
U think about it..

Life is Like
Definite Integral
& Its Gud to Define
Own Limits.

We are like
inductor Coil
Opposes Each & Every
Change in life
Either Positive or negative

Finding Mistakes of SomeOne
is Just the way to
Escape from Yours…

If U are Doing A mistake
in order to explain
SomeOne’s Mistake
then your Mistake is Bigger…

As Tendency
to be Superior is
Approaching Infinity
Has Inverse Effect on Life…

Life has two Choices:-
U can Either Accept Something
Or Think About Anything Except it

Its Gud to have Brain
Like RAM….
Easily forget Everything
have More Space
To Learn New
Things Every Morning.

Either U are friend Of Mine
Nothing to me…
Not Even A Enemy.

Big things Never Hurts Me,
But Smaller One Do….

Apni गलतियों se Sikha aaj…
kuch गलतियाँ bhi jaruri hoti hain..

Kinetically favourable
product has faster Rate…
But thermodynamic
Product is stable
Once equilibrium is achieved…

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