Mai Ek Safar
Tu manzil meri..

AnyOne Can hurt me
Except U….

tere innocent sawalon ka
kaash koi jawab hota…

Quit Explaining Things…

Some time things went wrong
when its pointed out.

When U look At Me
that Way
I just Can’t Escape U.

If its difficult to forgive
then Simply Forget .

Joker Is Mtlabi Duniya Ka….

I’m Not Me
WithOut Introspection.

Each & Every Song
Become Favourite to me,
when i’m thinking About U

My Heart Still Escaping Reality.

Wtite Your Name

Across My Heart
with permanent Mark.

No Rxn itself is a Rxn.

Dreams Are Just Dream
Reality is Something Else.

I wish ,
i’ll be your wish…

Khwab tha sayad…
khwab hi hoga…